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About Us

Our History

Grace Hope Initiative (GHI) is an African-based nonprofit organization created to rekindle hope for the under-served and impoverished, especially vulnerable children, young girls and women across Africa with limited or no access to the right resources to live healthy and achieve their dreams.


Grace Hope Initiative was co-founded in Mozambique by Mrs. Nzei Eken Forsab and Mr. Forsab Mbah in 2020 to fight against all forms of poverty, inequalities, violence, poor healthcare and malnutrition; while empowering all less privileged and aspiring young Africans to make a real difference in their respective communities through capacity building and leadership development.


Who we Are

Grace Hope Initiative (GHI) is at the service of impoverished communities and their inhabitants, predominantly children, young girls and women across Africa. Our goal is to provide the right platform of opportunities where the underprivileged in Africa can dare to HOPE and make their DREAMS COME TRUE. This, by partnering with international organizations, local communities, Government Institutions and philanthropists.

Our Vission

Our vision is to bring hope to the most marginalized persons, particularly children, young girls and women in Mozambique and across Africa by providing meaningful assistance and support to create sustainable impact and become significant participants to change in their respective communities.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and give value to all less privileged families, especially children, young girls and women; including under-served communities in Africa who are victims of poverty, inequality, discrimination and abuse by ensuring their access to descent living, basic human rights and opportunities to soar.

Our Values

Inspiration: We inspire trust in the marginalized and hope in the less privileged to believe in a bright future

Commitment: We put our mission at the core of our organization’s projects and activities.

Loyalty: The well-being and success of the underprivileged is our pride. We, thus, strive to attain this goal with care and love.

Excellence: Quality is the drive of our performance. We strive for excellence in all we do to bring out the best for those we serve and represent.

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What We Do

Our Missionfff

Meet The Team

Grace Hope Initiative (GHI) is a group of young passionate African leaders willing to work for the development of their continent. Our team currently consists of Senior Management and Board Members. We are also lucky to have support from many amazing volunteers. Our team is 65% women and 35% men. Our roadmap is defined by the Board Members and the activities are stirred by the Senior Management Team (SMT).











Advocating for the Voiceless and Unheard

Grace Hope Initiative raises awareness, educates and informs the public on pertinent societal issues and intriguing personal stories. The goal is to promote and trigger positive action so that something is done about it. Our process includes campaigns, reporting and letter-writing.

Promoting Sustainable Development

Grace Hope Initiative is committed to contribute in the achievement of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): (1) No Poverty; (2) Zero Hunger; (3) Good Health; (4) Education; (5) Gender Equality; (6) Clean Water; (8) Economic Growth; and (10) No Inequality. We investigate, develop, promote and implement projects that address the above-mentioned goals.

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Providing Aid to Those Suffering and in Dire Need

Grace Hope Initiative also prides in humanitarian and self-relief oriented activities. We bring aid to people affected by causes such as natural disasters, famine, forceful displacement, and more. We provide assistance in the form of portable water, food, medicine, clothing, and other basic necessities to victims including refugees, prisoners and civilians.

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Phone: +258 84 391 1691

Whatsapp: +32 485 74 30 71

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